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I'll show you how this life became a miracle to me.
~ Dar Williams

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Bash Spectacular

031 (800x1200)

This very fine young lady turned two recently, so we had ourselves a party.  Tim took Squiggles to the dump transfer station while I decorated the house.  When they got home, Squiggles kept squealing, pointing to the balloons, and saying, “Pretty boons, Mama!”


As though brightly colored orbs hanging from the ceiling weren’t enough, many of her very favorite people showed up for some food and fun. 

birthday guests

015 (800x1200)  011 (800x1200)

106 (1200x800)

103 (1200x800)

Squiggles drank from a non-sippy cup (I think for the first time, but Cami might have other information):


Some silliness ensued…


After lunch, Squiggles got ready to open presents.

033 (800x1200)

She was genuinely delighted with her Ah-ah-ah (Curious George) and Strawberry-Shortcake-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah books from the Jones clan,

046 (800x1200)

her opera-singing bee card from Nana,

048 (800x1200)

and her book of stickers from Mommy and Daddy:

041 (800x1200)043 (800x1200)

But mostly she liked the Ah-ah-ah cake.

055 (1200x800)

Daddy helped her blow out the candles,


and everybody helped eat the cake.


After all the excitement, she spent some time putting her new stickers in her new Strawberry Shortcake coloring book.  And on herself:

088 (800x1200)

And on Daddy.

077 (800x1200)

Cami took some glamour shots,

082 (800x1200)

And Daddy got a kiss from the birthday princess.

095 (1200x800)

I’d have to say the party was a success. 


  1. We must have missed our invitation. I'll bet you did not put a box number on it and the post person sent it back. Maybe next year.

  2. So wish I could have been there. Give her a birthday squeeze for me!

  3. That was a happening party. Can't believe she's 2! Ivy's sitting here with me and wants to come to Ye-yah's house to get some stickers on her face, too.

  4. Awww, she looks so beautiful. I love the decorations. They are very festive AND they match the birthday cake. Nice!